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Kindergarten Registration

Jenkintown Elementary School

Box Top Collection

Please note the last day to drop off box tops for the second collection period is February 16, 2018. The drop off bin is located in the link. Box Tops will also be collected on Friday, February 9 at Bingo Night. There will be a drop box at check in. Start checking your boxes and let’s raise some money for our wonderful school.


Bingo Board

Home & School Bingo Night

Family Pizza and Bingo Night

“The Most Anticipated Family Fundraiser of the Year”

Friday, February 9, 2018


JES Cafeteria

Important Information:

  • Bingo Cards
  • $5 per book (1 card for each game we play, 5 games total for the evening)
  • Can be purchased at entrance
  • Pizza
  • Pre-Order due by February 5 (whole pizza pie is $10 – use order form provided)

Pizza Order Form Download

  • $1.50 per slice that evening
  • Extra pies will be available
  • Drinks
  • Juice boxes and Sparkling water available for $1
  • Bake Sale
  • Items will be .50 to $1 per item
  • Bake sale items appreciated – please drop off at the bake sale table that evening
  • Raffle
  • $1 for 2 tickets or $5 for 12 tickets
  • Can be purchased at entrance

Want to volunteer?


Please email:  [email protected]

Jenkintown Elementary School

New Safety Procedures for Elementary School Students at Arrival and Dismissal

Dear Parents,

Today we are instituting a new safety procedure for elementary students coming and leaving school.  The inner circle will be blocked with cones so that there is one lane of traffic dropping off and picking up students.  A staff member will be assisting children leaving the vehicles so that parents will not have to leave their cars and traffic will flow easily. There will be a police officer present who will be giving the district feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Please note****

Kindergarten and first grade students who are being picked up by parents who are walking will be dismissed through the original front elementary school doors on West Avenue.  This will alleviate congestion in the circle.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work through this process.


Mary Fitzgerald

JES Principal

Box Tops Logo

2017-2018 Box Tops Collection

Calling all Families of Jenkintown School District!

 Let’s make this the best Box Tops year ever!  Every valid Box Top clipped and submitted is worth 10 cents for our school. Here’s how it works:

1. Families cut, rip or tear the Box Tops off the participating product packages.  Please be sure each Box Top has a visible product acronym and expiration date. A list of participating products is attached.

2. Deposit Box Tops in the collection box located in the Link in a baggie or envelope.  Elementary school students may use the collection sheet that will be sent home with your child if you prefer. These sheets should be sent back with your child to school.

3. The Box Top coordinator will collect, bundle and submit all Box Tops by the submission deadline.

Our Fall submission deadline is November 1, 2017 so all Box Tops sent in by October 16 will be processed with the Fall submission.  Anything collected after 10/16/17 will go towards our next submission date of 3/1/2018.

4. Lastly, our school will receive a check for our efforts.

Our goal is for each household to collect Box Tops all year round so that at each deadline we have plenty of Box Tops to submit and in return earn money for our school.

Should you have any questions in regard to the process, please feel free to email Stephanie Brodof at wiseman[email protected].

 Thank you.