Jenkintown Summer Chromebook Academy

We are happy to open registration for out first annual summer Chromebook Academy.

The JSD Chromebook Academy is an online only summer experience for students going into grades 5-8. We will offer a variety of online courses that will allow students to keep progressing forward educationally throughout the summer months. Teachers will be creating multiple online courses that will challenge and excite educational curiosity. Students interested in participating in the Chromebook Academy will be able to keep their Chromebook over the summer in order to tackle weekly challenges.

The Chromebook Academy will run from July 11-August 11.

The cost for students to participate is only $40.00, which allows a student to take up to 3 classes.

There will also be a celebration and other incentives for students to participate in the JSD Chromebook Academy this summer.

Course Offerings:

CODING EXTENSION – Whether you’re a seasoned coding professional or you are new to the craft, your skills are welcome here! You will have daily and weekly challenges to complete curriculum on as well as create your own content with Scratch!

CREATIVE WRITING – The course will begin with students proposing to the teacher their writing goals for the term. Students will be provided with a sample proposal to model. Each week, students will receive a writing assignment based on their proposal. Students will have one week to create a publishable piece of writing. Students will also receive daily writing prompts (should spend no more than 10 mins) to inspire and practice skills. Students may email at anytime for help with writing task and guidance on writing technique. Students will be required to send at least one piece of writing off for publication. The teacher will provide places for publication. Students will be asked to share and comment on other students’ writing. Students will be asked to use the suggest and edit buttons on Google Docs. The course will help students to enhance their creative writing skills and writing skills in general by learning to expand on their thoughts and the preciseness of language.

EUROPEAN WEBQUEST – Students will choose a European country of their choice from a list provided. Each week a topic of study will be explored through pre-researched website links for students to investigate. Using the information gathered, students will create a presentation of their country and share through Google Classroom. Students will review other’s presentations and share what they liked and learned.

MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION – Each week the students will complete a brief primary source reading that encourages mindfulness, undertake a meditation exercise (or series of exercises), and respond to a journal prompt. The goal of the course is to facilitate students’ understanding of mindfulness and meditation and their benefits. Additionally, the course will assist students in beginning or continuing a personalized mindfulness routine in their day-to-day lives.

NUTRITION – Many people may not understand what healthy eating entails. Through this course students will learn how to read nutrition labels, spot hidden ingredients, and make healthy choices, as well as constructing their own healthy options. Each week students will study a subtopic on Nutrition. (ie sugar, protein, hidden chemical ingredients, etc.) Using the information provided and students own research, they will create an “Eat This, Not That” infographic and post. Students will be challenged to make a meal which correlates with the week’s topic and post a picture with ingredients and the recipe. At the conclusion of the week, an additional recipe will be given to the students to build their own “recipe book”.

PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE – Each week students will observe the world around them, looking for stories that can be captured in a single still image. Students will be assigned a topic​ to “find” and photograph. Students can use digital cameras or camera phones. After a topic is posted, students will find the image they feel best completes the assignment. Students will post the photo to the Google Classroom assignment and complete a journal/reflection prompt. Additionally, each topic will contain course content that helps explain, expand, or demonstrate the photographic concepts. This content will be interactive; students will engage in analysis or discussion. Students will need to have their own camera. Any camera will do as long as you can upload and share your photos to our Google Classroom.

STEM – Each week students will be given the task of performing a STEM activity/experiment. Materials will be common household items or things that can be found at your grocery store. Students will then go through the scientific method, also providing a “Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning” which correlates with their activity/experiment. Finally, they will write a “Power Conclusion” reflecting on the experiment. (These are also in our ASSET science curriculum) Students will be asked to post their predictions, claims, evidence, reasoning, and power conclusion, along with a picture of their experiment. Additionally, students will provide an extension of their experiment. This may include, trying new materials, changing the size, etc. Students will then post a picture of their extension, explaining what they did differently. Upon completion, the “science behind it” will be provided.

MAKE YOUR OWN MT. RUSHMORE! – There are lots of famous people in the world, but you can only choose 4 to honor on your own Mt. Rushmore! Who will you choose? Why did you choose your 4? You’ll use Gale’s ‘Research In Context’ to explore famous men and women and each week, you’ll make your case for someone to earn a spot on your own Mt. Rushmore!

Click the button to the right to register for the JSD Chromebook Academy. Registration closes on May 30, 2017.

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