Haitian Orphange Project

Sarah Ross, a former Jenkintown student and Penn State University graduate, has visited Haiti multiple times and has been inspired to make an impact in the struggling communities there. She has been motivated after living and working with unfortunate Haitian orphans to create a safe, sustainable community for them to grow and thrive. She has contacted the Jenkintown World Language Honors Society (WLHS) in order to raise funds to ultimately build this orphanage and start this amazing community. The WLHS will be collecting money daily from homerooms and will also have a bake sale towards the end of our fundraising campaign. If you would like to donate directly to Sarah Ross, she has a GoFundMe page. Www.gofundme.com/haitichildrenshome. All donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will be used to help reinvigorate the lives of many Haitian children. Thank you!