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Support The Let Girls Learn Foundation

Dear Friends, Family, and Community Members,
Please read this letter from 7th grader Kaelin DiMaria and consider donating or purchasing a shirt for the 7th grade fundraiser to support The Let Girls Learn Foundation through the National Peace Corps. Shirt slogan written by Iman Jackson and graphic design by Mia Westkaemper.
Link to buy or donate:
November 17, 2016
Dear family and friends,
Jenkintown Middle School is selling T-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts to raise money for girls’ education. Let Girls Learn is a foundation that raises money for girls’ education. Did you know that 66,000,000 girls in the world do not get a proper education or do not receive one? We, students, are trying to decrease that number by selling these shirts. If you would like to read more about this foundation click the link as shown here: https://letgirlslearn.gov.
We will be selling the shirts on November 18th through December 1st. When the school is done selling, we will be donating 94% of the money towards the Let Girls Learn Foundation. The rest of the money (6%) will be going towards the shirts that we bought. Last year, the seventh grade raised 4,000 dollars, and this year we are trying to beat that. I hope that you will purchase one of these items because every shirt that you buy is another fifteen dollars to making the world a better place.
If you are considering purchasing any of the three items mentioned, go to this link: https://www.booster.com/let-girls-learn-sponsored-by-the-jenkintown-7th-grade
Jenkintown Middle School would greatly appreciate you buying an item. The items will come in red and blue. Each item has the quote “The smarter the girl, the smarter the world,” which was written and published by Iman Jackson, a 7th grade student, and the art by Mia WestKaemper, a senior. You can either purchase your item online and have it delivered to your home, or you can pick it up at the school once they are delivered. If you would like more information, email my teacher, Mrs. Hackett, [email protected].
Thank you for your consideration,
Kaelin DiMaria